Automatic DMS DH550

Standards and optional technical data of the control unit

Industrial computer with XP Windows system
12’’ graphical display with touch screen
Set for the connection to label printer
Set for connection to NET LAN –RS232-USB
Hard disk for the operating mode and memorization of cutting lists, type and profiles
Execution of cuts from external softwares of from programs digited on machine board
Execution of single cuts
Execution of incremental cuts
Bars optimisation.
Bevel cut.
Graphic visualization of programs and profiles during cut execution
Modem connection for technical services
Standards and optional technical data of the machine
Two 550mm Widia blades
Cut capacity 4 mt.
Angle cut from 22,5° to 157,5°
Direct measuring system of the movable head position
Electronic positioning of the heads
Control protrusion of the blades
Full protections of the cutting range with pneumatic device
Horizontals pneumatic clamp with low-pressure safety
Double horizontals pneumatic clamps
Vertical clamp with automatic setting to head rotation
Profile supporting roller way on movable head
Additional clamps on the roller way
Lubricating system of the blades
Pneumatic profiles holders
Sizing device of the profile thickness
Cips exhaust system
Motorized belt for cips conveyor
Preset for vacuum cips exhaust device

One relevant characteristic is found in the internal as well
as external inclination of the blades from 157,5° to


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