Project Managment

We provide your complete factory relocation and factory installation solution

With access to our specialised factory relocation and consulting services you are able to make sure that a complex and specialist task is handled professionally and efficiently

Although for many years our company business has been based on electrical contracting, as a result of regularly supplying specialist electrical services for the niche area of machinery and equipment relocation, we now offer a comprehensive range of services for factory relocation and machinery, plant, and equipment relocation or installation to meet a growing demand from our clients

As a result of this we now provide these specialist services to all areas of industry and manufacturing and today they are an important part of our company’s core business

We are specialists in this field and our people have helped us gain our strong reputation. This is proven by our clients that will tell you no matter what the job, Marmik will ensure that it is done effectively and efficiently, and on completion all equipment will be operational

If you are expanding your current facility or need to move to a new location, our consultation services will ensure that every requirement is covered. From concept and planning, throughout the relocation processes, and until all equipment is commissioned and fully operational

With our relocation consulting service all the following areas are taken care of:

  •                     installation, relocation, removal, modification, and commissioning of all types of equipment and machinery
  •                     facility requirements of all types including the establishment, expansion, or relocation of   industrial and manufacturing plants
  •                     individual clients in all areas of industry

If you need to install, relocate, or remove machinery or equipment, then you need to talk with the specialist  consultants at Marmik installations BEFORE you start

Window Machinery

We supply and install a wide range of New Machinery including Routers, Millers, Saws and Corner Cleaners.


Used Machinery

We regularly have Used CNC machinery for sale. See what we have available right now!


Plastics Machinery

We provide a full range of plastic’s machinery



The core of our business is the maintenance and repair of all type of CNC machinery.