Four combination heater plate machine with fully automatic cycle. Mounted on a 4.85 metre base with the fixed head to the left. The three moving heads run on linear bearings and are equipped with pneumatic twin caliper braking. The base console incorporates individual regulators for heater plate and heated weld sprue limiters, cycle timers, pneumatic clamping and table pressures for each welding head. Removable panels are provided for service access. Operator consoles are attached to the upper head casings. These contain the two hand safety and independent head pairing control systems.


This model is equipped with four turret heads and back fences to provide the following welding facilities:

Corner – Corner Corner – Corner/Corner – Corner.

Corner – Transom – Transom – Corner.

Corner – Transom – Transom – Transom.

Crucifix – Crucifix – Crucifix – Crucifix.

Transom – Transom/Transom – Transom (dual pairing mode).

Reverse butt welding.

Variable angles.

Standard Features:

Easily adjustable between turret and inline welding.

  • Machine slides for absolute level clamping.
  • Thermostatically controlled restrictor knives for accurate temperature control.
  • 5.0 mm burn-off and 2.0 mm limitation standard.
  • Heater plate thermostats with plus or minus 5 degree safety override and digital display.
  • Pre-clamping safety pressure 1.5 bar for operator protection.
  • Individual melt and cooling/fusion timer controls.
  • Maximum welding capacity at 90 degrees 140mm w x 210mm h.
  • Fully adjustable machine parameters for optimum weld strength. according to profile.
  • Independent head isolation and dual pairing control systems.
  • Up to 100mm movement on heads 1 and 4 for rapid cycle operation.
  • Maximum 60mm transom offset movement.
  • Minimum transom to transom dimension 390mm.
  • Minimum sash size is 380mm.
  • Manual positioning of back fences.

Electrical Specification:

  • Mains voltage – 415/440 volt, 3 phase, 50 hz.
  • Power requirement – 8.8 kw, 25 amp .
  • Microprocessor controlled electronic system 24 v F7.

Pneumatic Specification:

  • Integral air filter/lubrication unit.
  • Operating pressure 6/8 bar, 80/120 psi.

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