URBAN 1805


AKS 1805

With weld bead restrictions: 2mm

  • Vertical 4-head welding machine for welding of vinyl profile angles of 90 degrees.
  • Quick change of the outer contour limiters through a screwless back stop system ensures a flexible production process.
  • Clamping cylinders automatically adjust to the required profile height.
  • Automatic adaptation of fusing time to the different profile cross sections.
  • The compensation welding system allows welding of profile bars with a cutting tolerance of up to +3mm.
  • Parallel thrust procedure of welding carriages to increase corner strength.
  • Ease of service due to clean machine layout.
  • Easy cleaning or replacement of Teflon heater covers.
  • Vertical profile insertion in an ergonomically favourable position for the operator.
  • Ease of profile insertion through preselection of the insertion position for the upper and lower welding heads.

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