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Machine Access Control System (M.A.C.S)

The Machine Access Control System (M.A.C.S) is designed to interconnect into any machinery system.  Due to its bespoke design it  allows specific Access control of your machine to the user(s).

MACS is designed around the requirement of your machinery and your business.

M.A.C.S is designed to be used with a cloud based bespoke software package that enables the supervisor to grant access to users / operators for machines they are trained and / or familiar with.  The software package allows the supervisor to grant access to any operator (who has achieved the correct level of training and is current and competent with that machine).

The MACS software also tracks each machine and will inform the supervisor when a machine(s) requires a service and to what level of service that is required.

  • Online cloud based software system.
  • Service indicator.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Total piece of mind.

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